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How to Apply Your Lashes

Follow these simple steps to apply your new lashes properly and safely.

  1. Apply two even coats of our magnetic eyeliner above your waterline.

  2. Carefully remove the first upper lash from the tray and gently place it on top of your natural lashes, ensuring it is near the top of your eyeliner.

  3. Using your tweezers, press down firmly to fuse your magnetic lashes to the magnetic eyeliner.

  4. Repeat these steps on your other eye, and you’re done!

How to Clean Your Lashes

Before you begin cleaning your lashes, you need to ensure your hands are clean as well. This is important for ensuring complete sanitation.

First, carefully remove your lashes from your face. Start by gently lifting the lashes off of the magnetic eyeliner from one end, slowly lifting until you reach the other end, and they are completely removed. Be sure to move extra slowly and gently, to avoid damaging your lashes.


Once you have both sets of lashes removed, look for eyeliner and makeup residue and gently remove whatever you find. This will ensure your lashes stay in the best possible condition.

To delicately remove this residue, soak a cotton pad in the Lash Shampoo, then gently rub the cotton pad against the lashes. This will help dissolve any makeup and eyeliner residue left on the lashes.

Make sure to use small movements and light pressure, so you don’t damage or distort the shape of your lashes. After this is done, completely dry the lashes. Place them on a towel and let them air dry.

And, you’re done!

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