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I am a retired, self-employed businesswoman.

I decided to dedicate my time to my passions, and a business with a vision I truly believe in.


After working in the financial industry for many years in managerial and executive capacities, I have acquired the necessary skills and business acumen to model my own business.

I have always been passionate about women’s fashion and self-care. The way you look affects the way you carry yourself, and ultimately the way people perceive you. Many women have deeply internalized the societal pressure to be beautiful, which affects their confidence and success among their peers.

No matter who you are, this has likely affected you. Regardless of age, ethnicity, or class, women struggle to feel accepted. Unable to imagine others embracing who they are, they have trouble doing it themselves.


These issues are close to my heart, and I am wholly committed to motivating women to present the best possible image of themselves. To help them both look, and feel, beautiful. I strive to create a model for both young and mature women alike to look to for support. By introducing them to quality beautification products, such as my lashes, they are given the opportunity to enhance their self-image and dramatically boost their self-confidence.


My business is all about empowering women to control their own narratives. I want to give them the chance they may not have had before, to explore and beautify themselves the way they want to. Ultimately, I want to empower women to feel good.

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